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You can find the TMFPHOTOGRAPHY Contract and Release Form above and on the Prices page. Please feel free to fill it out and email it to me at The next step is to make a $100.00 deposit on the home page. Your wedding will not be booked until you email the contract and pay the deposit either on the homepage on this site or in person. Also know that if you don't like any of the packages we offer $100.00 an hour weddings as well. You have the option to develop your own packages by choosing your hours. My number is 336-908-4933 if you have any questions.

After the wedding you will receive a link to your pictures by the email you provided. You have the right to share and download your pictures as well. You will also receive a link to a short video if it is a wedding. At the bottom of this page you will see a wedding photo list. (I take more than these pictures; but this is an example of pictures that I will take at your wedding.). 

Thanks for working with our company…..We will provide you with the best service ever.
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We also offer $100.00 per Hour for all Events.

Tiffany FullerPhotographerDue on receipt 14 Days Before Wedding
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​Deposit for all Wedding is New $100 Non-Refundable-You must make the deposit to hold the wedding date.

Deposit Information For Weddings:
There is a $100 Non-Refundable Deposit to hold the date for your wedding. All weddings must be under contract and paid in two weeks prior to the wedding date. If the amount is not paid in full by the two weeks; the contract will be void. The photographer will not try to contact and bride for pay or try to allow them to make payment arrangements. The contract will no longer be valid. 
 If the wedding is outside of Greensboro/Burlington/Graham/Mebane, NC; there will be a ($50.00 gas fee) charged to the bride. If the wedding is outside of NC, the bride must pay ($100.00) gas fee and the bride must get the photographer a hotel for one night).  
The bride is allowed to change the date of the wedding, but will have to get married within the same year as the date the contract was written or the contract is once again void. The bride can’t carry the contract over into another year. The photographer may not be available on the new date. 
Dr. Tiffany fuller 

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List of Wedding Pictures
Getting Ready
Bride's clothes hanging on the wardrobe, on the bedpost, or over a chair
Bridesmaids doing bride's hair and makeup
Bride and bridesmaids getting dressed, applying makeup
Mom helping bride with one last detail, such as veil
Full-length shot of bride in gown checking herself out in mirror
Detail of clothing, shoes, garter, something borrowed, something blue
Touching shot of bride with parent/s and/or stepparent/s
Touching shot of bride with sibling/s 
Bride hugging honor attendant
Bride with bridesmaids
Bride with all the women
Groom getting ready with Dad and pals (tying the tie is a classic)
Touching shot of groom with parent/s and/or stepparent/s
Touching shot of groom with sibling/s
Groom with his arm affectionately around best man
Groom with all the groomsmen
Groomsmen putting on boutonnieres or bowties
Intimate shots of bride and groom chatting with/crying with/hugging parents and siblings preceremony
Dad whispering last-minute advice to groom
Groom ready to go
Bride ready to go
Bride and groom separately making their way to the ceremony (in a limo backseat, hailing a cab, walking down the street/hall/stairs)

The Ceremony
Guests streaming into the site
Ushers escorting guests to their seats 
Ushers escorting moms to their seats (Christian wedding)
Close-up of groom's adorably nervous mug waiting for his other half
Bridesmaids and groomsmen walking down the aisle
Flower girl and/or ring bearer entering
Honor attendant walking down the aisle
Grandparents walking down the aisle (Jewish wedding)
Wedding party waiting at the altar
Groom walking down the aisle
Bride and Dad/escort/parents (Jewish wedding) walking down the aisle
Close-up of bride just before she makes her entrance
Bride and groom at the altar
Altar or canopy from the back during ceremony
Wide shot of audience during ceremony, from bride and groom's point of view
Faces of bride and groom as they exchange vows
Close-up of bride's and groom's hands as they exchange rings
The kiss
Bride and groom proceeding up the aisle, guests' smiling faces at their sides
Bride and groom outside ceremony site
Congrats shots: bride and groom hugging, laughing, and crying with good friends and family
Bride and groom leaving ceremony site
Bride and groom in limo backseat